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The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon
Regular Price $16.99
Our Price $14.95

What's Harry Moon to do when he receives a mysterious text, inviting him to take part in a super-secret app that promises the key to all kinds of magic Simple. He downloads the app and goes on a dangerous adventure to find the key to being the best magician ever. Harry discovers that this magical app might be something much more sinister that just a mobile game. But by the time he realizes the danger ... is it too late?

Regular Price $14.99
Our Price $12.99

Hit the Trail girls! The Appalachian Trail. Honey Moon and the Spooky Scouts set off on a mountain trek to earn their final Mummy Mates patch. But an inept troop leader, a flash flood and a campfire catastrophe threaten to keep them from reaching the finish line in time. When all seems lost Honey Moon takes charge and nothing will stop her from that final patch! Welcome to The Enchanting World of Honey Moon where there is no such thing as an everyday adventure.

Regular Price $14.99
Our Price $13.19

A new store opens up in town and offers amazing birthday parties for the kids of Sleepy Hollow. Harry Moon discovers that the store's owner is none other than the dark, evil Mayor Kligore and he is hatching a nasty plan to further his control over the town. Harry needs to find a way to stop the Mayor's evil schemes and the wild birthday party craze before Sleepy Hollow becomes the greediest place on earth.

Regular Price $14.99
Our Price $13.19

Honey Moon comes face-to-face with Clarice Kligore and her Royal Shades she knows something must be done to keep this mean club from taking over Sleepy Hollow Elementary.

Welcome to The Enchanting World of Honey Moon and her life in Sleepy Hollow, Massachusetts? Honey sets out to beat them at their own game, forming her own club, The Queen Bees. Instead of chasing the Shades off the playground for good, Honey learns that being the Queen Bee is more about the honey than the sting.

Regular Price $14.99
Our Price $13.19

When Honey Moon wins a national essay contest in technology, the whole Moon family is treated to a dream weekend in the ultimate, fully loaded, smart house designed by Marvel Modbot, the Walt Disney of the 21st century. It's an incredible blast - driverless cars and a virtual reality world. That is, until an evil spirit invades COS (Central Operating System) of the smart house, turning that dream tech weekend into an operating nightmare. The Moons look to Harry (and Rabbit) to stop the evil.

Regular Price $14.99
Our Price $13.19

Bella, Clarice Kligore's cousin arrives in Sleepy Hollow for a visit. Mysteriously Bella and Clarice appear to be identical, just like twins. Who would have guessed that her Clarice's cousin is also her doppelganger? None of the girls can tell them apartnot even Honey Moon. Clarice wastes no time in using this to her bullying advantage and threatens to throw the Honey and her girlfriends into chaos!

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